july 15 22

I know it’s not Friday…but what is a “day” anyway? Since the pandemic started, time has seemed flat; days have dragged on by oppressive exhaustion yet months fly by unnoticed. Indeed, unknowingly, I dated many weeks of these posts as 2021 [headslap emoji].

These past weeks have been filled with increasing light. A light that is represented in the joy of this week’s pic…our newest addition, Artemis. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of her.

This weekend, I’ve been trying to read and listen to stuff that brings me joy…that connects me to a person that I thought was in the past…someone that I am happy to reintroduce myself to after all these years.

“This is the paradox of choice. More choice often leads to less action. The more ideas and goals we pursue, the less likely we’ll follow through on any one of them. And vice versa.”

The way to experience nowness is to realize that this very moment, this very point in your life, is always the occasion.

Until the next time.

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